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High and Low Mains Voltage Cut Off Circuit

Are you having problems with your input Mains supply? That’s common problem associated with our input mains AC line, where a high and a low voltage conditions are quite frequently encountered by us. The simple circuit shown here can be built and installed in you house electrical board for getting a 24/7 safety from the possible dangerous AC voltage conditions. The circuit keeps the relay and the wired appliances as long as the mains input stays within a safe tolerable level and switches the load OFF the moment a dangerous or unfavorable voltage condition is sensed by the circuit.
Parts List
R1, R2 = 1K,
P1, P2 = 10K Preset,
T1, T2 = BC547B,
C1 = 100uF/25V,
D1 = 1N4007
RL1 = 12V, SPDT,
TR1 = 0-12V, 500mA