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Tap Lights Built in 12 volt LED lights

Israeli-born Parisian designer Arik Levy has recently demonstrated the well of life, he designed a series of lighting products Fontana,. The design of the name comes from its shape is similar taps. The base is described as a cylinder, the side set up a bending of the long tube, suspended above the container, while the core of the lamp lighting device like water flows from the bending of the tube to the base container.Red inner wall of the container also provides the warm light of the depth of the light fixtures. Is 12 volt LED lights in it? I have no idea!

Well of life by Arik Levy

Paris-based developer arik impose has designed well of life, a sequence of lighting style things in which he remains his testing in utilizing ceramics, a content which he discovers both wonderful and basic.

its the materials raw factors, such as its limitless forming opportunities and the truth that one cannot estimate what will come out of the kiln,which has drawn impose to perform with it. for this venture, the israeli-born developer was in near dialogue with a clay professional who produced the well of life items. the outcome is an relationship between the materials surface and shade,which becomes liquid when set within the gentle.

Each item is completed a mat black greyish outside and a sleek, strong, shaded enameled on the within, developing a certain comparison. when lit, a smooth shaded expression lowers on the surfaces, while the roof gets a light gentle.

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